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Success Stories

Ready to Adopt a Pet?

Once they recover and are rehabilitated, our rescued animals make for grateful, loving pets. The animals below have now been medically cleared to be adopted!

Are you interested in becoming a forever family for one of our animals?

Due to their background, some of our animals will continue to have special needs or medical follow-ups so it is important that we carefully select the right forever family for them, so our applications may be more in-depth than you are used to. Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions you have about the process by emailing us at or filling out the form on our contact page.

Prefer opening your home on a short-term basis?  Learn about fostering a pet.

Success Stories

Let’s continue to make history together

Small contributions, especially on a regular, recurring basis, are the foundation of the work we do.

Will you help us continue our journey?

Success Stories