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Help Support The Arrow Fund


The Arrow Fund rescues, rehabilitates, fosters, and re-homes animal victims of abuse and neglect. The severity of the injuries suffered by our animals means that our specialized veterinary care costs are significant. But you can help rescue them and receive the treatment they need and the loving home they deserve.

Consider joining our Sustaining Donor group.

This means that you commit to giving monthly. You can set this up easily on our donation page through a credit card or checking/savings account. Your donation will be deducted on a date you choose and you won’t have to remember.

One-time donations are always appreciated and needed no matter the amount. Every dollar helps save a life!

Donations in honor, or in memory of a person or beloved pet, are also a great way to help and demonstrate your love.

No matter the size or level of your gift, you are the real heroes to these abused and neglected animals.

The Arrow Fund Donations

$25.00 – Helps Feeds a Litter of Puppies/Kittens for a Month

$50.00 – Helps Vaccinate a Dog or Cat

$100.00 – Provides Spaying or Neutering for a Dog or Cat

$500.00 – Helps Provide Emergency Veterinary Care for a Dog or Cat

Donations may also be mailed to: The Arrow Fund, P.O. Box 1127, Prospect, KY 40059

More Ways to Give


Send a sweet gift to your friend, colleague, or loved one through email or text. Sugarwish offers you the ability to send candy, snacks, popcorn, cookies, tea, coffee, dog treats, and even wine! The best part is that the recipient gets to choose the gift, making your job easy. When you use our affiliate link, Sugarwish will donate 12% of your purchase to The Arrow Fund. Want to sweeten the deal? Use code ARROW7 to save on your order! (Good for multiple uses through 12/31/22)

Go shopping or check your closet

Both of these locations will accept dropoffs during regular business hours. For larger items, or to coordinate pickup, please contact us.

Z Salon & Spa
9407 Shelbyville Road
Louisville, KY 40222
Attn: Denise Zeydel

Finishing Effects
9521 E. Highway 42
Prospect, KY 40059
Attn: Belinda Smith

Consider planned giving

Did you know that planning a giving strategy that increases your giving power while decreasing your tax burden can be easy? Donating appreciated securities like stocks and bonds, assigning The Arrow Fund as a beneficiary, or creating a bequest are all ways to help us continue our work that may help your current, or future tax status!


A gift to The Arrow Fund is one with a lasting impact and we are honored that you are considering us as a way to help celebrate a life lived with a love of animals.

Creating a bequest in your Last Will and Testament
Including The Arrow Fund in your will leaves a legacy that will help us continue caring for the animal victims of extreme cruelty, abuse, and neglect for years to come. A gift in your will may also provide your estate with a significant tax deduction.

There are several ways that you can bequeath assets to The Arrow Fund. More specifically, gifts can be separated into three categories:

Pecuniary (a fixed sum of money or a fixed percentage of the estate)
Specific (individual possessions or land)
Residuary (a share/percentage of the net value of the estate after specific amounts have been paid to other beneficiaries)

You can add The Arrow Fund to your current will through a codicil, without rewriting your entire will. It is important for you to discuss your plans to add The Arrow Fund as a beneficiary with your family and other potential beneficiaries so that they know of your wishes and can ensure those wishes are honored. It is also important to seek legal advice in carrying out such wishes, so they are documented properly.

Donations “in lieu” of flowers
Upon death, in lieu of flowers, you may request that funeral guests make donations to The Arrow Fund in remembrance of your loved one. If you contact The Arrow Fund in advance we can provide envelopes for your guests and brochures regarding the organization. Further, if your guests specify that the donations are in memory of your loved one, The Arrow Fund will provide you with a list of donors and will forward tax-deductible forms to the donors if they provide their contact information.

Assigning a life insurance beneficiary
Life insurance is another way to leave a legacy of support for The Arrow Fund. There are several ways to donate to The Arrow Fund through a life insurance policy, depending upon whether they are policies that are paid in full, partially paid, or newly purchased.

The Arrow Fund can be named as the owner and beneficiary of your fully paid policy. In this case, you may be able to deduct the replacement cost of the policy from your taxes upon purchase.
You can designate The Arrow Fund as the beneficiary of a policy you already have. There is no immediate tax deduction in this case, but your estate will receive a deduction equal to the amount of the policy when settling.
You may be able to add a “Charitable Giving Rider” to your current policy or gift policy dividends without reducing the cash value or death benefit of an existing policy.

Please Note: Neither The Arrow Fund, its employees, nor the Board of Directors should be considered as experts capable of giving legal, tax, or accounting advice. Before making changes to any insurance, investment, or legal document you should contact legal counsel and tax adviser.

Our Wishlist

  • New, high-quality pet toys for cats and dogs. Durable is helpful; some of our animals are crate restricted as they heal and keeping them happy is important!
  • New, or good condition pet beds, especially orthopedic ones. All sizes are needed.
  • Mobility assistance aids, like collapsible wagons, pet wheelchairs, adjustable splints, and support slings
  • Pet store certificates
  • Gas cards for transporters
  • Postage stamps
  • Office supply store certificates
  • Silent Auction Items
  • Gift cards/gift certificates, from anywhere, in any amount
  • New or gently used items that would be appropriate as a stand-alone item or fit in a themed basked ( UofL, UofK, any animal-related product, kitchen product, artwork, sports, holidays, alcohol, KY Derby)