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Kroger Community Rewards

Kroger is one of the largest grocery chains in America, and now you can link your Kroger Plus account to our nonprofit. Visit to connect your shopping to helping our severely abused and neglected animals.

Our Organization Number is HY114, or you can search by our name to enroll.

Amazon Wishlist Purchases

There are always supplies we need to care for the pets we bring in and you can help us by donating those directly. Check out our Amazon Wishlist to see what our needs are right now. If you purchase them they will ship straight to us and we will be able to provide a bed, supportive harness, or even cleaning supplies to our foster families who work so hard to care for our pets receiving medical care!

Let’s continue to make history together

Small contributions, especially on a regular, recurring basis, are the foundation of the work we do.

Will you help us continue our journey?

Person holding tiny pup with closed eyes