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This tender Lab mix came with severe muzzle injuries. He is vaccinated and neutered and ready to be loved by his forever family.


Colby's injuries required a leg amputation, but that doesn't slow him down. His purr-er is still in great shape and good to go.


This fella loves the outdoors and will make a great companion for long walks on city streets or sylvan paths. You need the exercise, right?


Nothing BUT a hound dog? Forget it. This boy is full of charm and will make a great sidekick for chillin' or movin'. Loves his ears scratched.


A sweeter kitty you won't meet. Sawyer is soft of fur and soft of heart, ready for toys and someone to nuzzle at the end of the day.


This little terrier mix can't wait to be spoiled with love and treats. Already spayed, she could be your next couch potato.


Lillian is a gentle sweetheart more interested than seeking a comfy spot by your side than an animal in the woods. Those eyes are for you.


Pemberly came to us tired and hurting. Now, after tons of loving care, she's ready for the life that has been denied her so far.

Priscilla Puff

A darling Maltese, our little Puff is but a handful of love. Fragile, healing and lonely, she needs the affection only a loving human can provide.


This min pin came to us nearly starved to death. Now, after treatment, nutrition and care, he's ready to play and enjoy life.

More to come ...

The Arrow Fund rescues dozens of animals each year. Check back often to find your perfect match and prepare to be loved unconditionally.