Adoptable pets


This boy was at a rural shelter crying out in agony - he had 3 broken bones and no pain meds.  This cute tripod is now pain-free and happy with his new lease on life!  He's quite a charmer.


Cowboy was rushed to use struggling to breath due to blunt force trauma to his neck.  He has been in the hospital a few weeks now and is doing great!  


Jameson was born with cerebellar disease, surrendered to a shelter, and sentenced to death because of his disability.  He has been to physical therapy and can now walk and run in a straight line, he just gets a little wobbly when he slows down.  He is house trained and has improved to the point of being able to have a normal, full life.  Jamison is good with cats and dogs, though big dogs could easily hurt him due to lack of coordination. He is a great snuggler & demands lap time!


Griffin came to us with a gunshot wound, whimpering in pain.  Today, he is looking for a cat-free home with lots of people and other dogs to cuddle.  He is a very happy, gentle soul.

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medical fosters


Leroy is a coonhound about  7 years old. Found in a hot field and thought to be already dead, now  in critical condition. A blood transfusion is giving him a second chance at life, but human love and affection could do so much more.


Baloo was found despondent, in the middle of the road in rural Kentucky.  He could not walk and was in critical condition.  Baloo is getting stronger every day and will be ready for a foster home soon! 


Byron is a 10 lbs. pup who was found dying in a creek bed, suffering from multiple broken bones, fleas and ticks, and a temperature of 105. A large portion of his back has a large wound where he most likely will lose the skin. 


Butler came in as just skin on bones (a score of 1 /9 on the body condition scale!)   He has had a blood transfusion, plasma transfusion, iron injection and he is being treated for external and internal parasites. He even has gravel in his belly; he ate it just to try to survive.  Today, he's well on his way to recovery.


Rusty came to us malnourished, with a gunshot wound to his face.  He underwent multiple surgeries to repair damage to his soft palate and sinus cavity but he hasn’t let that slow him down.  This cuddly, playful boy knows he is safe now and the real puppy is starting to appear!  


This 9 pound Yorkie mix who came to us with massive tumor (0.674 lbs!) These surgeries were very complicated and afterwards Gilda was on a Fentanyl drip for pain. We were able to get good margins and Gilda is recovering well.  She is looking forward to having a foster and forever home soon.

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This boy came to us scared with infections in both eyes. Because he received no medical treatment, Rocky will need to have his eyes removed. We are experienced in showing people how to care for these sweet, needy guys.


This kitten with twisted back legs was in pain and about to be euthanized. We stepped in for her fracture and learned she had rickets. Treatment includes UV light, hence her cool goggles.


On April 5, The Arrow Fund brought in Slate, a gentle Beagle who had a horrible tumor that was never treated. He also had hair and debris wrapped around his teeth. The treatment process was rough on Slate but he is a trooper!


The Arrow Fund--Tilly

This precious girl was abandoned in a trailer park. Every inch of her bowels are completely outside of her body. Dr. Robertson immediately measured and ordered a special mesh to contain them. It is a miracle she is still alive.


This puppy was abandoned in a duffel bag in the woods, front paws gone. Needed surgery for a broken femur caused by blunt force trauma. Tiny when she arrived, our little girl is up to 15.2 pounds! 


Future is looking brighter. Reconstructed his nasal passages, but some teeth were lost. Chewbacca is a sweetheart. He nuzzles into your body He definitely loves to be cuddled. It makes him feel safe.


This little terrier mix can't wait to be spoiled with love and treats. Already spayed, she could be your next couch potato.


This min pin came to us nearly starved to death. Now, after treatment, nutrition and care, he's ready to play and enjoy life. 

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