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Byron is a 10 lbs. pup who was found dying in a creek bed, suffering from multiple broken bones, fleas and ticks, and a temperature of 105. A large portion of his back has a large wound where he most likely will lose the skin.


Just over 4 lbs., Sparky is a long-hair Chihuahua mix. When we acquired him, he was in distress, teaming with fleas, frothing at the mouth and panting.  He has responded well to treatment and is reviving nicely.


Cat Rescue--Catalina

This kitten with twisted back legs was in pain and about to be euthanized. We stepped in for her fracture and learned she had rickets. Treatment includes UV light, hence her cool goggles.


This boy was in excruciating pain when he arrived  from a scrotal infection. He also carried heart worms and a respiratory infection. Now, he is responding and improving. A ways yet to go, but we're getting there. 

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Future is looking brighter. Reconstructed his nasal passages, but some teeth were lost. Chewbacca is a sweetheart. He nuzzles into your body He definitely loves to be cuddled. It makes him feel safe.


Leroy is a coonhound about  7 years old. Found in a hot field and thought to be already dead, now  in critical condition. A blood transfusion is giving him a second chance at life, but human love and affection could do so much more.


A Golden/Lab mix who came to us as a tiny puppy with Parvo about to be euthanized. She was so critical we were unsure of her survival. Now she is thriving! Fully cured, Brie is a social butterfly and goes on many adventures.


On April 5, The Arrow Fund brought in Slate, a gentle Beagle who had a horrible tumor that was never treated. He also had hair and debris wrapped around his teeth. The treatment process was rough on Slate but he is a trooper!


Ten years old and 46 pounds, she is calm and has spurts of energy, loves other dogs and is a joy to be around. Beagle/Lab mix. Her terminally ill mama, Jennifer, really wants the comfort of knowing her baby will be treasured.


This boy came to us scared with infections in both eyes. Because he received no medical treatment, Rocky will need to have his eyes removed. We are experienced in showing people how to care for these sweet, needy guys.


We are starting to take applications on this darling kitten. Only 1.9 pounds and full of life! Pictures make her look so much bigger than she is! Now eight weeks old and has started shots. Her mom, Nessa (right), is available, too.


A sweet kitty whose baby, Penelope (left), is also in our care. We'd love to send them home together.


This puppy was abandoned in a duffel bag in the woods, front paws gone. Needed surgery for a broken femur caused by blunt force trauma. Tiny when she arrived, our little girl is up to 15.2 pounds! 


The Arrow Fund--Tilly

This precious girl was abandoned in a trailer park. Every inch of her bowels are completely outside of her body. Dr. Robertson immediately measured and ordered a special mesh to contain them. It is a miracle she is still alive.


Harry is thriving after arriving here unresponsive from chemical burns and neurological issues. He is now a gorgeous beagle pup full of life! Harry makes friends with everyone! He is precious and needless to say a miracle.


Did you know we found out that Panda is the only surviving pup of nine! Almost all deaths likely were caused by scabies, worms and malnutrition. If we had not acted quickly, Panda would not have survived either.


Koppy is a pup who came to us with her bottom jaw gone and was in agonizing pain. Her tail also had been cut off, roughly, very close to the body. Infection set in and there was an infestation. She is now thriving and  has a playful personality and loves to play and then crash and then resume play just like any other puppy. 


Moses is still looking for his home and we don't understand why. He is a big, loving goofball and wants nothing more than to please his human. Best with older children only and as the only dog. Does not let being a tripawd get in his way. He loves to go on walks and even short runs. The Arrow Fund will pay for the new adopter to go through Foundation Training.


A six-week-old pup who was hit by car and received NO treatment for two months. He has now left the hospital--an absolute miracle. Maestro is still being monitored closely but loves the added advantage of non-stop snuggles!


She is an 8-pound dog unable to use back legs who was abandoned on top of an old strip job. She had no defenses and was dumped. We are continuing aggressive therapy on this precious baby. She will absolutely melt your heart


This tender Lab mix came with severe muzzle injuries. He is vaccinated and neutered and ready to be loved by his forever family.


Colby's injuries required a leg amputation, but that doesn't slow him down. His purr-er is still in great shape and good to go.


Ready for adoption! This fella loves the outdoors and will make a great companion for long walks on city streets or sylvan paths. You need the exercise, right?


This little terrier mix can't wait to be spoiled with love and treats. Already spayed, she could be your next couch potato.

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Pemberly came to us tired and hurting. Now, after tons of loving care, she's ready for the life that has been denied her so far.

Priscilla Puff

A darling Maltese, our little Puff is but a handful of love. Fragile, healing and lonely, she needs the affection only a loving human can provide.


This min pin came to us nearly starved to death. Now, after treatment, nutrition and care, he's ready to play and enjoy life.


Leland is doing great with his PT and was recently released from crate rest, which means he has enjoyed being a puppy for once. He loves to wrestle and play. Leland still has some work to be done but he is doing great in his recovery.