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My Story


Lacuna joined The Arrow Fund family when she was 6-months old weighing only 18 lbs. She was emaciated, unable to stand, and covered in feces and urine. Her Veterinary team discovered that Lacuna has Pulmonic Stenosis, a common congenital heart defect in dogs that can be easily managed with a low-cost medication. Lacuna is now a beautiful 11-month old pup. Her foster tells us that they have been unable to find anything she doesn’t like. Lacuna does excellent hanging out in the house with her people and is down for a snuggle on the couch, but when alone she tends to do best crated. The good thing is that she accepts her crate very well and does fine napping alone (with her favorite stuffed hedgehog) for a couple hours if needed. She loves to play in the yard and chase tennis balls, but no promises that she’ll bring them back 😉. In spite of her heart, she has tons of energy and loves to run and play. However, she is just as happy to hang out with and keep a close eye on her loved ones. She has been exposed to cats, dogs, goats, chickens, cows and horses. She likes to bark at new acquittances and will try to “play chase” with everyone, but once she catches up to them, she just wants to lick them in the face…and pretty much everywhere else. Lacuna has done great with house training but does tinkle a small bit if she gets over excited. We found greeting her “softly” usually helps with this.