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Working to End Animal Cruelty

The Arrow Fund

A Kentuckiana-based 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that rescues and rehabilitates animal victims of extreme torture, abuse, or neglect. 

tiny brown pup

Our Mission

We strive to educate the public regarding the ongoing problem of animal cruelty and advocate strengthening our local, state, and national animal welfare laws. Learn more about our mission and our work here.

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The Arrow Fund

The Arrow Fund

Provide emergency veterinary treatment to the animal victims of extreme torture, abuse, and neglect.

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2 days ago
The Arrow Fund

HEARTBREAING NEW CASE! MANGLED AND MAGGOT INFESTED LEG WOUND, SEVERLY MALNOURISHED, ACUTE SKIN INFECTION WITH MAJOR HAIR LOSS, OLD PAINFUL SPINAL INJURY, TOO WEAK TO WALK MORE THAN A FEW FEET. We were contacted by a rural animal control officer who received a call about an injured dog and found sweet seven-year-old Crosley suffering and in great pain. He was immediately rushed to an emergency hospital for treatment. Crosley has a long recovery road ahead of him and we will update you as soon as we know more. Crosley’s veterinary care will be costly, please consider donating via the button below or by mail to PO Box 1127, Prospect, KY 40059 ... See MoreSee Less

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Omg I can’t watch this video! Someone pick him up, please. Poor thing! Just dumped and left hurt. My god what the hell is wrong with people?!!! Look at him…I pray he makes a full recovery and gets the best home around!!

How much longer will innocent animals gave to suffer because of weak , impotent lawmakers?

Poor sweet baby. Thank you for helping him. Prayers for him that he recovers & can enjoy a life of love

I am so grateful for the Arrow Fund to help these poor babies! The laws have got to change this cruelty has to stop! Heartbreaking! Prayers Crowley will be able to feel better and recover soon.

Whoever is responsible for the condition of this dog and anyone who saw him and did nothing to help I hope you go straight to HELL and I hope you have HELL ON EARTH before your rotten soul leaves this world🤬🤬🤬🤬 Is that clear enough?

This is heartbreaking I love this sweet boy already.

This is f**g disgusting. How could anyone let this dog go like this without helping him!?? Humans who create abuse and neglect animals are evil. So sick of seeing story after story like this. Each day I get more upset with the human species. Thank you for helping this dog 🥰❤, I am so sorry.

I literally can’t watch this. Heartbreaking. God why do people do this!!!

As much as I know all rescues appreciate the kind words, what they need is donations as all 501(c)(3)'s are nonprofit. Every dollar counts! No amount is too small-even a dollar helps! We have a huge problem as well here in Texas. Donated what I can to lil Crosley's care. Thank you not only to the animal control officer who cared enough, but to you for everything you do for the voiceless. I send you much respect and prayers for his recovery from hell and for a new life filled with love. 💜

Oh my goodness that sweet baby! How he’s suffered. Lord heal him and give him the family he needs to be happy and well taken care of!!! Thank you Arrow Fund for helping him

Dear Jesus how heartbreaking 💔💔 Thank you Arrow Fund for stepping up and helping this beautiful soul 🐾🐶💔🙏

Poor sweetheart. How heartbreaking this is. Im so glad he will get the help he needs to heal and be happy again.

Heartbreaking and infuriating! Humans can be SO heinous and cruel! Thank you to the Angels helping this and other poor souls! 😱💔😭🤬❤️

Prayers he can recover and be placed in a loving home. 😢

Poor baby, prayers for recovery and somebody to love him fully 🙏🙏

Poor baby, hope he recovers fully ❤️🙏🏻❤️

Heart breaking 💔 Prayers for Crowley Shared 🙏

If you can please donate on a monthly or one time basic for these poor animals.

Plz keep putting peroxide on the wound the maggots run from it he can service I did a stray that was Eaton by rats and he turned out gorgeous

What vet? I would love to help with the bill

Absolutely heartbreaking

So glad he is finally getting care thank you

Prayers for the fur baby.

God please bless this baby and make him well in the name of Jesus

Sending Prayers and Love 🙏🏻❤️

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2 days ago
The Arrow Fund

Timeline photosToday is Check the Chip Day! Microchips greatly increase the chances that pets will be reunited with their families if they are lost or stolen - but a microchip only works if its registration information is accurate. A common misconception about microchips is that they are GPS trackers, but they are not! This means it is absolutely vital that the chip's information is up to date to make sure you can be contacted if they are found.

To update your pet’s registration, you’ll need your pet’s microchip number. If you haven’t already created an account with the manufacturer, you’ll need to do that as well so you can access the registration in the future to update the information. Make sure that all of the information, particularly your phone number(s) and address, are correct.

There are many databases that allow you to register your pet’s microchip, but the one that really counts – the one that animal shelters and veterinarians will search – is the database maintained by the manufacturer of your pet’s microchip. AAHA’s Universal Pet Microchip Lookup Tool (link here: is linked to the registries of the majority of microchip manufacturers and allows a quick database search of any chip made by these manufacturers.

If your pet is not microchipped already, today is the perfect day to call your vet and make an appointment! This quick and simple procedure greatly increases the chances that your pet will be found in case they go missing - and if you've ever had a pet go missing before, you know how scary and uncertain it can be. Make the call today, and give your four-legged friends an extra hug today on us!
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2 days ago
The Arrow Fund

It's getting close to September 15! Please GIVE BIG! You can learn more about Give for Good Louisville and support The Arrow Fund's mission to save abused and neglected animals
... See MoreSee Less

Its getting close to September 15! Please GIVE BIG! You can learn more about Give for Good Louisville and support The Arrow Funds mission to save abused and neglected animals ##GiveforGoodLou
7 days ago
The Arrow Fund

ANNABELLE UPDATE! ANNABELLE'S SURGICAL TEAM AMPUTATED THE SEVERELY DAMAGED LEG! Since sweet Annabelle has not been using that leg for 4-months, she is having no problems adjusting to being a tripod. Once her incision heals and she is medically cleared, she will be available for adoption. ... See MoreSee Less

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So thankful that she can now move on without all that horrible pain! Sending more prayers!!

Beautiful girl praying she finds the perfect family

What a sweetheart 😍 Healing prayers precious 💜

Bless her glad I could help out. ❤️

She is beautiful! If I had the funds I would adopt her

she is beautiful and love her name ❤️

Beautiful dog and caregivers

Sweet baby girl you can tell she feels better already!

Prayers girl. Your so beautiful


Love seeing that waggy tail❣️❤️

Eddie we need a third one 🥺 She’s so cute 🥰

That little flower. So sweet

nothing but love ahead now ♥️🙌

OMG she’s beautiful 🙏🏻🐾♥️🐾🙏🏻

She’s so cute!

She's gorgeous ❤

What a sweet baby

Love the flower

Do y'all have any idea how old she might be?

Good doggy


🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼. 🐾❣️🐾❣️

Bless her!

She’s gorgeous!!!

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The Four Mandates of the Arrow Fund

Provide veterinary care and support to the victims of extreme torture, abuse and neglect 
 Increase public awareness of all forms of animal cruelty 
Encourage vigorous criminal prosecution of animal abusers
Endorse and support other animal protection efforts that encourage a more humane world for animals

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A special thanks to our growing partnerships with local organizations for their generosity and support.

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