Ralphie's Promise


Order and plant a tree to honor your deceased pet and to support The Arrow Fund

John Ridgill, the owner of Louisville Tree Service, is passionate about trees, the environment and animals. In November of 2013, John learned the story of a severely neglected and blind beagle named Ralphie, who had been rescued by The Arrow Fund. John adopted Ralphie, and the two were inseparable until Ralphie died in 2017, with Ralphie riding alongside John in the Louisville Tree Service trucks.

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In honor of Ralphie and The Arrow Fund, which provided life-saving veterinary care for him, John created “Ralphie’s Promise.”

By planting a tree in memory of your beloved pet, Louisville Tree Service will donate all proceeds to The Arrow Fund to help more animals like Ralphie. The 2018 goal is to plant at least 100 trees.

How to Purchase a Memorial Tree

Louisville-area pet owners who would like to memorialize a pet and benefit The Arrow Fund can select a tree from a variety of kinds. Louisville Tree Service will plant the selected tree in your yard or at Creasey Mahan Nature Preserve, which has partnered with Louisville Tree Service on the project.

Participants also have the option to purchase a memorial plaque to be permanently placed beside the tree.

All proceeds from trees and plaques will be donated to The Arrow Fund, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, and an official receipt will be provided for tax-deduction purposes.

If you would like to purchase a memorial tree, please download and complete the PDF application available above and return it with your payment.

For more information, call 502-515-8199. 

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Ralphie's Promise Application

Please see the information below. When you're ready to order your tree, please download the Ralphie's Promise Application (PDF) immediately beneath this text, complete it and return it with your payment to the address on the form. Thanks!