Fostering save lives. We’ve all heard this statement before, and for the animals in care of The Arrow Fund, this statement couldn’t be any more true. Foster families are always in short supply, and without fosters we can’t take in and save more animals.

Fostering can be bittersweet, but the difficult moment of parting with your foster animal is preceded by so many days of heart-warming reward that many families foster repeatedly, as a way of helping as many animals as possible. Many of the animals that we take in never had the privilege of living in a home situation. As a foster, you get to experience the joy the animals experience first (or should we say second?) hand. Socializing your foster animal can be quite amazing. Seeing your foster animal take in the new surroundings – whether it be a simple stroll in the park or a visit to a dog friendly establishment or event can be extremely gratifying. Many people in the community recognize our animals, and you may be surprised often a stranger strikes up a conversation with you and says “thanks” for being part of the team doing what we do for the animals!

There is no better sense of accomplishment than seeing your foster’s condition improve and knowing that your family was the key to that improvement. Knowing that you have done your part to make this happen is like one of those credit card commercials: priceless. And the biggest benefit of them all: for every ounce of TLC you give you foster animal, you will get a pound in return.

Please consider opening your home and heart to a foster animal in need.

You can learn more about our foster program and the responsibilities our fosters accept by reviewing our Foster Handbook here. After receiving and reviewing the applications, we’ll check your references and schedule a home visit. For questions specific to fostering, please email us.

The Arrow Fund Foster Team

P.S. Just in case you can’t stand the thought of parting with your foster: there is nothing wrong with being a “foster failure!” In fact, some of our most memorable alumni have joined their foster families.