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My Story


CROSLEY HAS BEGUN HIS LONG ROAD OF RECOVERY! THE MANGLED AND MAGGOT INFESTED LEG HAS BEEN AMPUTATED! Crosley is now starting the long process of healing! He is eating well, and his acute skin infection already looks 100% better! He will be receiving physical therapy twice a week at LexVet Rehab, to help build up his atrophied muscles as well as his arthritic hips and spine which we believe are caused by malnutrition and blunt force trauma. His therapy will begin with laser and ultrasound treatments and when his incision heals, hydrotherapy will be added to his regime. Crosley will also be receiving Adequan injections biweekly which improves joint function and several supplements to help build muscle. Crosley has moved into a medical foster home where he is learning how to enjoy love, comfort and food! This boys’ will to live, and love is amazing, but he has quite a journey ahead!