Animal Rescue Complex

Help Support The Arrow Fund Animal Rescue Complex!

Since our founding, we have rescued and provided emergency specialty veterinary care for over 2,000 abused and neglected dogs, cats, and other animals.  Still, we cannot keep up with the number who need us. 

Continually escalating animal cruelty means we must turn away hundreds of animals who need our help. Every time we are forced to say “no” to pleas for help can result in the prolonged suffering or death of an innocent animal.

Your support of The Arrow Fund Animal Rescue Complex will move us meaningfully closer to our goal of never having to say “no” again.

The Arrow Fund is focused on caring for the region’s most severely tortured, abused, and neglected animals.  Our goal is to double the number of animals we can help in the first year of the Rescue Complex’s operation and continue to increase our capacity every year after that. 

Here are the ways The Arrow Fund Animal Rescue Complex will help us meet that challenge.

Volunteer Training and Coordination Station

Coordinating transportation for animals needing rescue, providing life-saving veterinary care, and managing our outreach and fundraising events requires trained volunteers and a space for them to do their work. Our volunteer workstation will significantly increase our ability to recruit and retain these vital individuals.

Veterinary Suite

A potential on-site veterinarian will essentially double our abilities to care for animals, using the same level of the care we receive for our current veterinary investments, and provide an ongoing source of revenue for new and exciting opportunities for expansion of our services. 

Overnight Boarding for In-Treatment Animals

Our kennels will enable us to provide on-site care for more animals who need additional veterinary care but are not yet able to be released to a foster family. 

Foster-Training Environment

This education space will create a home-like environment that will mimic real-world fostering scenarios, helping us improve our foster-care program in quality and volume.

Advocacy Training and Coordination Center

The ultimate goal of animal rescue is to reduce the number of animals who need rescuing.

Public Awareness, training and tougher laws are the keys to furthering our quest to create an environment where abuse is exposed, prosecuted and punished.

Permanent Administrative Offices

Leasing is expensive, causing us to spend dollars on office space we would rather divert to animal rescue and specialized veterinary care. Permanent facilities would allow us to have space to work, while focusing our funds on what really matters: our animals.

Want to be part of the adventure?

The future Scott and Wendy Hagan Rehabilitation Center

There are many opportunities for partnership and naming associated with this project. For information on sponsorship, please call us at (502) 974-5012 or email finance@thearrowfund.org.

You may see the already identified partnership opportunities here, but we are always open to discussing additional ways to work together to help rescue and rehabilitate the animal victims of extreme torture, abuse, and neglect!