Our History

Aiden, the first rescue of The Arrow Fund
Aiden, The Arrow Fund’s first rescue

From tragedy, triumph …

It started with a phone call to Rebecca Eaves, who was known for her immense compassion and expertise in helping abused and neglected animals.

In 2010, Rebecca learned about a male black Lab who had been shot at close range with a hunting arrow. He had been picked up wandering fields and woods in eastern Kentucky. Would Rebecca consider helping the dog?

Yes, but at the time there was no organization in Kentuckiana that specialized in rehabilitating severe cruelty cases.

The dog, which Eaves named Aiden, was rushed to Louisville for emergency veterinary treatment and now lives in a loving forever home

Eaves, seeing firsthand the need for such treatment, rehabilitation and adoption, created The Arrow Fund, which to date has helped hundreds of innocent dogs, cats and other animals move from a life of horror to a life of compassion and comfort.

Let’s continue to make history together

Freya, alumni of The Arrow Fund

Small contributions, especially on a regular, recurring basis, are the foundation of the work we do.

Large donations are the exception, are not the norm. Even $10 a month can make a difference between our saying yes to an animal in need and our having to say not.

Will you help us continue our journey?