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56 minutes ago

The Arrow Fund

The Arrow Fund
Update on
These babies have been given Game of Thrones names!

All 11 are still with us. We are bottle feeding around the clock to save these babies.

Cheryl Noggle has 5 - Hodor, Theon, Drogo, Jon Snow, and Samwell.
Janelle Aguiar has 2 - Tyrion and Daenerys
Rebecca Eaves has 4-
Sansa, Arya, Jorah , and Drogon.

All have been doing well. Today Arya has shown some weakness. We are doing all we can. Please send love , light, and prayers to these tiny Angels...

There is an ongoing investigation in Jackson County. We sure hope we can find the monster who did this to these innocent babies...

Donations are always appreciated and needed. You can donate directly on this post or go to or checks may be sent to The Arrow Fund P.O. Box 1127 Prospect , Kentucky 40059.

We ask that you send positive energy to these babies. They are so tiny and they are without their Mama 💔
Thank you for your support.
Humanely yours,
Rebecca 🐾
The Arrow Fund
Previous post:
Our team has been up all night feeding these innocent babies. We are doing all we can and 3 of us will be bottle feeding round the clock. We sure hope to catch the monster who threw these innocent babies away like trash!

We are so saddened by this case but are so thankful for all of you that will help us, help them!
Please keep these babies close to your heart... it is a long shot for all to survive without their mama but we will try...
Previous post on these innocents:
We have transport from Tyner, Kentucky to London, London to Berea, Berea to Lexington and then finally to Louisville, Kentucky. Thanks to all of our amazing transporters!
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9 hours ago

The Arrow Fund

Our hearts are broken ...💔
Our Churchill became an Angel...
We thought Churchill was doing well recovering in his loving foster home with Lisa and Russell Catron. He came to us with a necrotic tail with maggots and that was surgically removed. All seemed well...

This video is him at his foster home enjoying life and purring like no other!

Suddenly Churchill started throwing up - a lot. He was rushed to Blue Pearl where a mass the size of my fist was discovered in his abdomen. It was putting pressure on his left kidney. Churchill went in for immediate emergency surgery.

Sadly, once in surgery, it was discovered that this mass was wrapped around many organs. It was even around the vena cava. We made the choice to assist our brave, beautiful boy to Rainbow Bridge. We could not let him suffer....

Please keep his fosters close to your heart. This was emotional for us all. We tried precious Churchill and we will always love you sweet boy... ♥️💔♥️
With a heavy heart,
Rebecca 🐾
The Arrow Fund
Previous posts on Churchill:
New Case-Churchill
Cat with necrotic tail and maggot infestation, he is also anemic. He is being cared for at Bannon Woods Veterinary Hospital.

Churchill is a 3 year old, 7 pound male cat. Churchill presented with his tail shredded to the ligaments, a ball of maggots and rotting tissue drug behind him. Churchill was very weak at presentation, he was flea and tick infested and smelled of rotting flesh. Churchill was brought in to be euthanized at Bannon Woods. The Arrow Fund stepped in to care for this innocent young cat. Churchill was taken to surgery as soon as he was stabilized to have the rotten tissue removed, he was neutered and his additional wounds were cared for. Churchill is still hospitalized currently, receiving intravenous fluid therapy support, antibiotics and pain management. For the first time today, Churchill purred in recovery.
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1 day ago

The Arrow Fund

The Arrow Fund
Update - Hawthorne
Surgery to remove the large testicular mass will be early this week- possibly Monday. He is eating the small amounts of food offered to him several times a day. We must be very careful when feeding him due to him being so emaciated.

Hawthorne has clearance from the cardiologist to proceed with surgery and he has been give some drops to help his eyes from Dr. Tolar who is an eye specialist.

Mychell and Jamie Lawson are set to foster once he has the surgery and is dismissed from the hospital. They have been visiting him daily and giving him extra love! It is so important to show this poor boy love... ♥️ It looks like he has been without love and care for a long time, perhaps his whole life... 💔

Donations for Hawthorne and the many other animals on our system would be so helpful!
Donations can be made on this post or you can go to The Arrow Fund P.O. Box 1127 Prospect, Kentucky 40059.

We appreciate you all! It truly does take a village!
Thank you for being part of our village ...
Humanely yours,
Rebecca 🐾
The Arrow Fund
Previous posts on Hawthorne:
Hawthorne is emaciated, has a large testicular tumor, sludge in the gall bladder, enlarged prostate, a grade 2/3 heart murmur, thickened intestines, and external and internal parasites.

Hawthorne is at Blue Pearl under 24/7 care . This poor boy is now on a feeding plan due to his severe emaciation. His blood work is being monitored. We hope to get this precious angel strong enough for surgery by the early part of next week. That massive tumor needs to be removed as soon as we can safely do so.

We love this boy so much.
It is absolutely abhorrent that he has been neglected to this degree... Thank you for being a part of his family now- The Arrow Fund Family! He will know love from this day forward...
Initial post on Hawthorne:
In route now
This precious, senior Beagle was in a very crowded shelter in Johnson County, Kentucky. We were asked to help him. We said yes...

Our thanks to his transporter for making this extremely long journey solo. Safe travels. Also, a huge thank you to Mychell and Jamie Lawson for stepping up once again to foster one of our sweet babies!
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